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Aktaslar targets to enter markets abroad

A group in the bakery industry, Aktaslar prepares for Anuga Fair to introduce pita that represents Turkish culture to world markets.

Known as a famous taste in Blacksea region, Aktaslar Pide, headquartered in Ordu province, opens first branch in Bagdat avenue, Istanbul, as Nelipide adds two new ones in Atasehir and Beylikduzu. The company registered its Pideor brand aiming to introduce its special pitas to markets abroad. The company produces 20 tons of frozen bakery products daily. Chairman of the board Tamer Aktas, informed about his organizations both in Turkey and in abroad.

Would you tell us about the emerging story of Aktaslar brand?

Established first in 1981 in Ordu as a small pastry shop having about ten employers serving customers at ten tables. Since 2001 we have been managing our business with my brother. Recently, we decided to grow by opening new branches and established a logistics and procurement section with an aim to supply our branch operations.

Having 4 thousand sqm space our production facility is in Ordu organized industrial zone. Products are processed without using any protective chemicals and have a shelf life about one year. Our factory is able to produce 20 tons of frozen products per day. We provide employment for about 450 people, we have five storage space there in Istanbul, one in Ankara and one in Samsun.

What do you have to say about Nelipide brand?

We developed a concept to emphasize especially on pita (known as pide in Turkish) and named it Nelipide, meaning “with what pide?”. Everybody asks the kind of materials to be used in the pita; so, all people mention our name by ordering their choices. Our first branch for this brand has been opened in Bagdat avenue, in Istanbul, that was followed the ones in Atasehir and Beylikduzu. Now we own six brands three in Istanbul and three in Ordu, our home city.

Earlier pita was sold slum outlets while fish, kebabs and other foods were sold in more prestigious places. There were no location that offers great services for pide=pita lovers. We aimed to attract them to our Nelipide brand.

What are your targets by the end of the year?

At the beginning we had considered to sell as franchise, aiming to have 12 outlet by the end of 2017. However, events, processes, economic climate, investment cost and our sensitivity for better production, we changed our minds. Now we want to grow by opening new branches of our own. We planned to open a branch in Ankara.

For franchise operations we registered Pideor brand for faster growth both in the country and in the markets abroad. Naturally, this is a long-term project.

Whit Pideor, we offer economic products that can be served in 90 seconds to our customers in fast-food business. Pideor has variety of choices for customers. We developed new varieties by looking to pita from the world outside, not from pita to the word. Our concept requires less space and investment, and offers delicious, quality and healthy products at economic prices and fast. We aimed to expand in the markets abroad.

Which countries do you target to penetrate?

Retail chains are of third channel to reach consumers as Pideor. Our frozen pitas are already sold in leading retailers including the BIM, Migros, Carrefour, Macro Center, etc. “We supply to famous and respectful brands and we are about to finalize our new contracts with some more recognized brands.

We aimed to be the greatest producer of Pide. The first branch of Pideor will be opened in Spring season in Besiktas Barbaros avenue. We planned to have 400 branches, starting with 20 then 112 and 400. Following the completion of the growth project in Turkey we will begin operations in abroad. We have contacts in Qatar and in Saudi Arabia. We gave permission for 5 branches in Cyprus, and we develop plans for Kazakhstan and Ukraine markets.

Do you consider entering food fairs to realize your global targets?

We are going to participate in Anuga fair in Cologne, World Food Moscow and Dubai Gulfood. We planned to deliver our frozen products to Georgian market. Our products are in the customs to reach to Germany and Qatar markets. We keep expanding our market coverage in abroad. We have deals with 60 companies and Turkey and 50 firms in abroad.

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