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Caykur seeks new breeds for Turkish tea

Turkey ‘s leading producer of Turkish tea, Caykur, started a project for there novation of tea fields and the development of original gene sources for the region . A group of staff, headed by Imdat Sutluoglu , visited the world’s major research institutes in Japan and China.

The group visited Kanaya and Shizuoka Tea Research Institutes in Japan, and Tea Plantation Research and Development Institute in Hangzhou, China. General Manager Imdat Sutluoglu said about the visit they made recently: “Our search for the best tea kind suitable to the geographic conditions and the characteristic of the regional soil is going on. These countries that we visited have started to renovate their plantations long before us and they also seek new varieties continuously. Our visit was highly fruitful for us in regard of getting information about the recent findings and developments.

We saw tea kinds that were sold at four thousand dollars in Japan, which was produced in very special tea gardens, where the humidity and temperature kept under strict controls. Producers are spent all their time in the gardens and spend enormous time and energy to upgrade the quality of tea they produce.”

The team also visited some machinery producers used in tea production in South Korea, Japan and China and was informed about the new machinery and equipment that Caykur planned to buy for its new packaging factories for green and black tea.



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