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Doraintrade Offers Turkish

Banu Er: “A food broker saves you time, energy and money.”

sed commonly in Europe, food brokerage business has been developing fast in Turkey too. Doraintrade, an active name in this field in Turkey and a recognized name in world markets, offers made in Turkey products in European markets. Ms. Banu Er, general manager of Doraintrade points out that they aim to establish a strong international relationship between producers and buyers adding that they would contribute to the development of those companies with their vast experience. Er’s responses to the questions of Food Turkey follow:

Could you kindly introduce us yourself briefly?

My name is Banu Er. I studied International Relations at Aegean University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and graduated in 1999. I started to work at Export Department of Taris Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union within the same year. Worked in Export Department of Taris Fig Union as Export Manager and finally became Assistant General Manager of the Union. I quit working for Taris on February 2014 and built up my own company Doraintrade in March 2014. I personally also represent Farmer’s Snack GmbH located in Germany since April 2014 as International Key Account Manager having the most modern manufacturing plant in Europe. I’m offering wide range of Farmer’s Snack products to international markets.

50You are in the brokerage business. What exactly is this business?

This is an independent sales agent business that works in negotiating sales for producers/manufacturers and buyers. Brokers also help keep producers/manufacturers and buyers up-to-date on the local market situation. This can help the buyers to buy the right quality product at the right time from the right price and also helps the producers/manufacturers increase their sales volume. The reason to use a food broker is that Food brokers have numerous connections with local and international producers, wholesalers and retailers and it is much easier to deal with one broker with lots of connections than it is to deal with representatives from every possible manufacturer. Brokers have an extensive range of contacts and have the local knowledge and expertise that can make producers/manufacturers products sell and make the buyers choose the right source from the origin. Essentially a food broker saves you time, energy and money.

Can you brief us about Doraintrade?

Doraintrade is working as an agent, broker and consultant at international markets targeting to establish a strong link between producers and buyers on trust basis. Doraintrade tracing the market on behalf of producers and importers in order to give feedback and market reports from the source regularly. Whether you are a supplier or a producer, you will benefit from our international experience and communication. The name of the company comes from my daughter’s name Dora which is an international name that means top of the mountain. We combined international trade within the name and built up a trademark ‘Doraintrade’. Doraintrade is assisting all her partners always to go further by speaking the same language with you as your global trade partner.

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