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Fresa to grow 30% with Inisdibi with lemon

Fresa introduced its lemonade mineral water. 27% of sales from 30 export markets are expected.

Starting from refreshing nature of Blacksea Fresa offers both health and tast in its natural lemon sugar free natural mineral water, the first and the only product in Turkey, recently introduced to the market as Inişdibi Limonlu. Fresa focused its production on healthy and tasty drinks. The new product will expand the product portfolio and sales volume of the company in domestic and in international markets.

“The product was developed following a two-year research and development,” says Hasan Cakirmelikoglu, chairman of the board. He said, “I myself have been drinking natural mineral water by adding lemon in it for years. Recently I learned that it caused an increase in my glucose level in my blood over normal ratio. It made me think about developing a new product that can be consumed safely by the people. In two years the new product was prepared for sales. One of the additional specs of the product is that it is suitable for sodium diets.” “Following the opening of our new factory in Bursa in addition to the mineral water bottling facility in Giresun, we have been able to expand our logistic network to great metropolis. Last year our sales were 160 million TL, our target this year is to sell 200 million TL worth of drinks. Market for mineral water with fruit aroma has expanded 11 % from 2014 to 2015.

During the same period, sales of Fresa increased 20 %, which will grow 30 % in 2016. We are expanding our coverage in export markets for more sales.We sell our products to five countries, USA, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Iraq, Senegal, England, Greece, Palestine and Holland. New markets are on the way.Our sales volume in export markets was worth of 14 million Euros in 2014, it rose to 16 million in 2015 and this year, 25 to 27% of our sales will be from exports. “The market for mineral water with fruit aroma is about 350 million in Turkey. Fresa is the leading brand with its share of 35% in this market.”

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