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Kurex exports to 50 countries

As one of the most leading companies of the sector since 2011 Kurex has been eye-catching especially for its successful operations.

Shipping quality goods to 50 markets from Russia to Caribbean Islands Kurex exports almost all of its production. Pointing out that the fastest production groups were stock cubes, Bouillon and fruit flavored drink powders, Mr. Mustafa Kurtay, marketing manager of Kurex said these groups constituted 40% of their production. He outlined the company and their operations: Kurex is one of the Turkey’s leading food and beverage manufacturer, established in 2011, we have reached over 50 countries with highly trained and focused export department. Our factory is located at Istanbul Trakya Free Trade zone, with 78 staff. We mostly export our products all around the world.

Product and quality policy

We dedicate ourselves to make the best quality product for our customers, we know today’s world people are busy with so many things in their life, therefore we want to offer them quick solutions for cooking. The secret of our success is hidden behind this mission of ours, and also we believe our customers deserve best quality and taste, we don’t leave quality to our quality department, we believe every aspect of our business requires extra care and upmost attention in details, there for at KUREX we all follow a very high quality procedure. Stock cubes and Bouillon as well as fruit flavored drink powders are our fast moving products. 40 percent of our production is focus on these products.

Export and new markets

We are exporting over 90 percent of our products. From America ( USA, Guyana, Costa Rica) to Caribbean Islands, from Europe ( England, Hungary) to Africa ( Algeria, Egypt, Senegal, Nigeria, Chad), from Middle east to Asia (Malaysia, South Korea, Pakistan). And recently we are entering new markets like Japan and Russia which we care a lot.


We are the first 4g stock cube manufacturing in Turkey, our R&D development department consistently on the search for new products and new flavors and taste. We collect fine herbs and vegetables and flavors all around the world to combine and come up with unique flavors which we believe our customers love.

In global market

We have a constant increase at our market share globally, although we are a relatively young company compare to our competitors. Food and beverage industry will always have higher priority since it is the business for mass consumption and recent trends show that there’s an increase at easy solutions of cooking and food preparation with health conscious approach. We believe exhibition such SIAL is a very big advantage for us to show off our products and what we are capable of, and we would like to thank you for giving us a space in your magazine. We also wish the best for all the fellow exhibitors.


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