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Poultry industry engages a promotional attack in world markets

Interview with Mujdat Sezer, Chairman of Turkish Poultry Products Promotion Group , Deputy chairman of Istanbul union of exporters.

As the poultry promotion group what do you do for the industry in world markets?

The main purpose of our group is to im – prove quality and performance in poul – try industry both in Turkey and abroad. We aim to show the world that poultry products in Turkey are produced up to the world standards and to strengthen the sustainability power of the industry with its structure, knowledge and tech – nology. We do market research and carry out several market development activities.

Can you inform us about the capacity and quality of poultry businesses in Turkey?

Technological achievements, quality of veterinaries and veterinary services, ag – ricultural engineers and technical staff in – ventory are higher than world standards. With its production power, technology and production processes, poultry busi – nesses in Turkey are able to compete in the world both in production volumes and quality. Poultry industry in Turkey is among the top ten countries in the world with its production capacities of 2 million tons of white meat and 15 billions of eggs. The only disadvantage for the industry is that it should import some of the inputs such as soya beans from abroad.

Which steps do your group take to reach the targeted exports of 5 billion dollars in 2023 from its present level of one billion dollar?

We have to reach to new markets and expand our coverage in export markets. Last year 5 new markets for white meat, 7 new markets for eggs were added to our export markets. Besides we try to level up the values of the exports. Earlier we were selling unprocessed broilers to some countries, now we wanted to sell them processed products, such as sausages, graded parts of poultry. Having more export markets are more important. To this end, we want to participate in related fairs worldwide.


Will you brief us about recent market entries, like the Saudi market?

Japan, Russia and China are the biggest and the most recent markets we entered in 2014. We made a deal with Saudi market recently that the official exports have begun.

What can be said about production of white meat in Turkey in modern facilities?

Technologies of poultry production facilities in Turkey are far better than their rival countries including the USA and the Europe. The newest facility in Europe was of 20 years old. So, it will be absurd to say that Europe has contemporary facilities. Since at the beginning in the 90’s, Turkish poultry industries all have the latest technology and modern processes. We can say proudly that the world’s freshest, the most hygienic, and the healthiest poultry products are produced in Turkey. The freshest eggs are produced in Turkey, as well.

What do Turkish producers do for Halal Food segment that is growing fast in the world?

Since 90 percent of people in Turkey are Muslims, halal food regulations are highly important to secure the hygiene and human health. Halal food does not only means cutting the broilers manually and flowing of blood, there are many peculiarities for religious prerequisites. First the animals have to be healthy before slaughtering. They have to be slaughtered and treated without torturing them and respectfully. Butchers should respect all the rules of Islam while slaughtering and while processing them. Hygiene and bio-safety rules must be observed. They must be transported and stored without breaking the cold chain.

What kind of support and advantages can your organization offer to member companies?

All exporting companies are our natural members, no matter their export volumes are. What we offer them? We regularly share data and information about world markets. We inform them about the developments in competitive markets and in their rival companies. We make them aware of the fairs and exhibitions held in for corners of the world, and help them to participate in them. We also inform our member companies about the problems, facilities, bodies and additional advantages they get by importing their products. We try to improve awareness about markets and financial opportunities.


Fairs that you participate in Turkey and in abroad?

We almost participate or visit every event especially in Iraq, Dubai, Moscow, Saudi Arabia and Japan. We were at 17 fairs in 2013. This year the number of fairs may bi 20.

What are the problems of the industry and your proposals for their solutions?

Problems concentrate in two points. First we depend on the imported feeds and main inputs for production. This and additional custom taxes increase our costs of production. Secondly we have been subject to some political barriers in European and some other countries. They try to limit our activities in their markets. We have been working on these unfair competition issues with Turkish authorities to solve our problems in EU countries, who even do not issue visa to managers of Turkish poultry businesses.




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