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Unique gourmet taste in your kitchen with Pina Olive Oil!

Pina Olive Oil brings you the gourmet tastes of Ayvalik, home to Turkey’s highest quality olives.

The strong northern winds of Ayvalik blows through out the year enriching our olives, one of the many reasons that brings the unique aroma and the fruity scent of Pina olive oils to your tables. Mr. Muhlis Soysal, co-founder of Pina underlines, “Pina catches you at first sight with its distinctive artwork while making you wonder what Pina offers. After opening the bottle with curiosity, an amazing scent allures you. And once you taste it you realize that Pina will add more to your dining experience more than ever. Pina’s amazing sensual characteristics are result of delicate extraction of special Ayvalık variety olives and the regions fortunate climate conditions.” Soysal outlines Pina further below: Production with love and care Pina is presented to you with the most modern olive oil production method of our day; “Continuous Cold Press” where no hand touches our precious oil. Until Pina comes to your table, our olive oil never interacts with air therefore never oxidizes as well, this is how Pina keeps its utmost purity. After production, Pina is kept in its dark bottles for better protection and longer shelf life.

A gourmet taste that supports healthy living

Pina helps regeneration of healthy cells on your skin and body with its high level of Vitamin E, delaying signs of ageing. It helps your hair and skin glow with its natural shine. Pina as well helps settle your cholesterol level, protecting you from embolism and therefore potential heart and vascular discomforts. The “Oleic Acid” in Pina, almost equal to the levels of breast milk, helps grow nerve tissues of babies. The combination of vitamins and calcium helps strengthen bones and delays osteolysis. Pina Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its unique aroma and natural fruity scent, brings a genuine, gourmet taste to your tables! Pina is produced with the most modern olive oil production method of our day; “Continuous Cold Press” where no hand touches our precious oil. Pina olive oils are produced only with olives coming from the wonderful Ayvalik region. Pina has been granted the privilege to have the “Ayvalik Regional Logo” on its bottles by the Ayvalik Chamber of Commerce Olive Oil Laboratories after chemical and sensual tests as well.


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