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The world’s largest croissant plant established by Elvan Group in Eskisehir

The world’s largest croissant plant on a single line was established by Elvan Group in Eskisehir. Elvan aims to make Turkey a croissant base for the entire world. Hidayet Kadiroglu, Chairman of the Board of Elvan Group says, “ Our purpose is to enlarge the pie in the category of croissants. We already have exports to Europe”.

The world’s largest croissant on a single line plant was established in Eskişehir by Elvan Group. Hidayet Kadiroglu, Chairman of the Board of Elvan Group said, “Last year, we performed the ‘most’ and ‘first’, which was the first in the world and in Turkey at the beginning of our venture investments about croissants. Standard in the world of investments at 30 percent, 50 percent greater than the length of the sector are planning to open new horizons. Our plants are the biggest in variety and capacity not only in Turkey but in all around the neighboring countries. Our main export markets will initially be the neighboring countries”. Kadiroglu explained their targets and operations further: “Our first aim is to enlarge the croissant sector in Turkey. We definitely care about our investment of croissant plant. Croissants category is currently very small. The croissant with investment, especially in Turkey our main goal cake to enlarge. The market size of this category is 13 million dollars (2013). The growth was not even realized by 1 percent rate. However, included in this category was also the sugar products industry with a growth rate of 15 per cent. Elvan Group’s growth is more than 10 points, with 25 percent growth in the category. So, we are planning to expand the cake. On the other hand, as a group of exporters will export the product, mainly in neighboring countries, it will also expand the volume. Thus, Turkey will win at the end.”f10

Annual capacity 220 million pieces

Nevzat Celik, General Manager of Eskisehir plant shared some information about capacity. Celik said, “ Our machines have been installed with a special design. Annual capacity of our plant is 220 million pieces. Total plant area of 4000 m2 production is completely in hygienic conditions and untouched. We attach utmost importance on hygiene. Our facility in croissants is comprised of a total of 300 meters in length and 360 cm width. The biggest croissant facilities available in the world are 200 meters long and 240 cm wide. Ours has a production capacity of greater than 50% over others.”

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