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ZZTK demands EU quota for olive oil

Preparing the new season with harvest festivals, olive sector engaged in promotional activities with an aim to increase the value of harvest that is expected to reach up to 438 thousand tons of table top olive and 190 thousand tons of olive oils for the 2014/15 season.

A special committee for the promotion of olive and olive products, ZZTK of Union of Aegean Exporters, organized a harvesting festival between 17-19 October 2014 in Aydin and the participation of Turkish exporters in SIAL Food Fair held in Paris, France. Ahmet Topcu, deputy chairman of ZZTK, said that interest was high to Turkish products in SIAL, where Turkish products were exhibited in a 12- sqm stand of the Committee. Buyer delegations from Iraq, Senegal, China, Brazil, India, UAE, Austria, Australia, Benin, Venezuela, Mozambique and other countries have shown their interest in the Turkish products. The fair was successful. The officials of ZZTK made several meetings with buyers. They talked to the officials in order to organize a technical visit to Morocco and Tunis. 230 Turkish companies participated in the fair and 25 of them were in the olive and olive oil businesses. Last year the harvests were as low as 65% in 2013/14 season. This year it is expected that a volume of 190 thousand tons of sales will be realized.”

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