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Kristal Oils attracted great interest in the 9th Olive Harvest Festival

Olive Harvest Festival was held in Ayvalik with participations of Aegean people and popular businesspeople. One of the companies that took part in the even was Kristal Oils.

On street shows, that was sponsored by Kristal company, varieties were held including face painting, wood legs, hoola hoop, clown and pantomimes. A taste test was also held that was managed by Chef Gabriel Sponza, department chief of Kitchen arts and management in the University. His students prepared attractive dishes using olive oil including the baklava that was traditionally made of butter.

On the occasion, General manager of Kristal company, Christopher Dologh said that, “the increase in the fast food industry is threatening the public health even more and more. This leads people towards healthier and organic produces. A food consumption habit of the masses is gradually changing. On the occasion of this event they got an opportunity to be aware of the benefits, usage and remarkable secrets of olive and olive oil, that is one of the main pillars of a healthy dietary.

For 75 years, Kristal company has been producing olive and olive oil products and sell them without any compromise on quality. Guests have enjoyed both the shows and the variety of food they sampled. A series of conferences and presentations were also held to inform about the olive collection and production techniques.

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