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Turkish jams enters WallMart in England

Producing traditional tastes for 65 years, Seyidoglu food company sells Ottoman type preserves to WallMart, besides its 350 other kinds in 20 categories sold to export markets.

Sultan Baci is the brand of the company for jams. The products are sold in Asda Markets, a UK branch of giant retailer. Mehmet Goksu, general manager of Seyidoglu, said, “Our products that are consumed especially by Turkish and Arab origin people in England, are sold in more than 1500 points of market chains such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, etc. We try to promote Turkish jams besides Turkish delight. We export to more than 20 countries from Russia to Cameron. We plan to sell our products in 1200 stores in England. Customers loved our jams, replica of traditional homemade preserves; in London they buy 25 tons of jams monthly. Jams are made of dried figs, sour cherry, blackberries and raspberries and peanut butter and chocolate halva are sold hot. We started to produce baklava for Sultanbaci brand, recently. We produce quality baklavas of Gaziantep. We sell about 35 tons of baklava per month. Sultanbaci brand also covers about 50 varieties. We are preparing to export frozen baklavas and pastries. Our products are also sold in select shops in domestic market.”

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